Prime the Pump for Change!

Change Your Attitude!

Do you desire change, but feel mired in the status quo? Current neuroscience research suggests that our attitudes can prime the pump for change — or for not changing.

Ideal Self vs. Real Self

Contrast who you really want to be (your Ideal Self) with who you are now (the Real Self).

When you imagine your Ideal Self, how do you feel? Often people notice feelings of hope, compassion, mindfulness and playfulness. These feelings are described as Positive Emotional Attractors. They are the basis for a positive, curious attitude that opens us to the possibility of change.

When you think of who you are now (your Real Self), how do you feel? People who seek a change often report feelings of shame, guilt and anxiety when they confront the Real Self. These feelings are described as Negative Emotional Attractors. They are the basis for a fearful, anxious attitude that closes us to the possibility of change.

Change Neural Pathways

Our brains’ neural pathways can get “hardwired” by repetitive thoughts, which can either help or hinder our efforts to change. Whether you frequently experience Positive Emotional Attractors (PEA) or Negative Emotional Attractors (NEA) depends on the scenarios you play out in your imagination. Having frequent PEA conversations will positively affect your brain and help move you towards change; conversely, frequent NEA conversations will negatively affect you and keep you mired in the status quo.

Want to Know More?

As a coach, I encourage my clients to envision their Ideal Self often as part of our coaching conversations. With a mostly positive, curious attitude that is occasionally tempered by encounters with the Real Self, clients can move towards the change they desire. If you’re intrigued by this, you can learn more by reading about Intentional Change Theory by Boyatzis, or try coaching with me!

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