Time Awareness Tools

When I was in New Mexico for two weeks helping my daughter with her newborn, I frequently lost sense of time. I loved holding my grandson while his parents rested. I enjoyed making meals and doing laundry while my daughter cared for the baby. But these activities had few deadlines or predictable rhythm. I drifted through my days untethered to an internal clock; surprised by waking long after sunrise and shocked when dusk came and “what’s for dinner?” was yet to be decided.

Without my usual schedule and routines, I felt aimless and ungrounded. I had to work hard to get time-sensitive tasks done, such as making dinner by 6:30 p.m. or shopping before the afternoon rush hour started.

This experience was a real eye opener for me. I understand much more what it may be like for ADHD or depressed clients, many of whom struggle to feel a sense of urgency or of time ticking past.  Many don’t wake before noon, and their energies and focus aren’t fully “on” until late in the afternoon. This can delay scheduling appointments or completing tasks, because many businesses are closing for the day by the time my clients are ready to reach out to them.

What I learned: 

  • Maintaining a consistent bedtime and waking time helps to bookend the day, and grounds me in time. 
  • Sustaining my calendar and to do lists helps keep me purposeful. 
  • Staying in synch with the business world’s hours gives me a sense of urgency and timeliness when I need to make or attend appointments. 

These tools are some that ADHD coaches recommend to our clients, but until I “lost” time for two weeks, I didn’t realize how essential they are to everyone. Including me!


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