About Coach Judith

Judith Houlding professional shotJudith Houlding ADHD Coach — ACC, COC 

Am I the right coach for you? Here’s the quick version of why I became an ADHD coach …

Two of my kids were assessed as having ADHD-Primarily Inattentive during their middle school years. My interest in ADHD stems from teaching them how to advocate for themselves, and teaching myself how to be a patient and loving parent when the going got tough! I bought books on ADHD and learned a lot about neuro-diversity …

I launched Space Editing, a professional organizing company, when my youngest child was in high school. Many of my clients had ADHD and I needed more tools to help them, so I enrolled in an ADHD-centric coaching course. I earned both a Certified Organized Coach designation  and ACC-level coaching certification from the International Coaching Federation in 2018.  My business was reorganized in late 2021 to concentrate on coaching.

My training includes over 200 hours of coaching coursework, in both general coaching and ADHD-specific coaching methods and skills.  I continue to take coaching courses, attend conferences on coaching and ADHD, and am myself coached by mentors to provide my clients the best services I can offer.

I especially love helping newly diagnosed adults learn about how their ADHD shows up and what their “super powers” are; what’s typical ADHD phenomena and what’s uniquely theirs; and how to design a life of joy and attainments.  However, variety is the spice of life — not all of my coaching clients have ADHD wiring; I can and do coach neurotypical clients, too!

My Credentials

  • ACC, Associate Certified Coach, International Coaching Federation, 2018 & 2021
  • COC, Certified Organizer Coach, Institute for Applied Coaching, 2018 & 2021
  • Graduate, Coach Approach Foundations Program, May 2016
  • Golden Circle (5+ Years) Member of NAPO (National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals)
  • NAPO Colorado chapter member since 2010. Served on the Board of Directors as Director of Marketing 2012/13; President, 2013/2015; Secretary, 2015/16
  • Level II Specialist Certificate in Aging, ICD, 2016
  • Level II Specialist Certificate in ADHD, ICD, 2015
  • Level II Specialist Certificate in Chronic Disorganization, ICD 2014
  • MA in journalism, CU-Boulder, 2009
  • BA in English, UMass-Amherst, 1977