— Newly Diagnosed Adult ADHD

Photo by Ana Municio on Unsplash

Having a diagnosis of ADHD in adulthood may be both a shock and a relief. Clients often express frustration that they weren’t diagnosed in childhood or high school or college or … fill in the blank for the “best” time they could have learned they have ADHD.

“It explains so much!” “Now I understand why I struggled so much to … stay focused … be on time … remember to do tasks … finish a project … get motivated … get organized.”

But now what? After a lifetime of undiagnosed ADHD, you likely have adaptive behaviors and habits of thought that aren’t all that helpful anymore. You may realize there’s a lot you don’t know about how your ADHD shows up, and what supports and resources you can utilize to make life easier.

If you want to change the stories you tell yourself, change the path you’re on professionally, or change the relationships you have with family and friends, that’s where ADHD coaching can help. As a trained ADHD coach, I offer education and resources to help you understand how your ADHD shows up and how to make friends with it. Together, we can identify your strengths and life goals, and build up your self-awareness around habits of thought and behavior that may stand in the way of change. We can co-create strategies to help you stay focused, stay on track, and be who you want to be.

To learn more about ADHD coaching and how I might help you realize your full potential, schedule a discovery call with me.